Welcome to The Way After

  Eclectic Blend of Fun,Danceable Music Interpreted





Why are We Here?

The Way After (TWA) seeks to appeal to a broad range of people and to keep the performances to known and popular songs that are danceable and upbeat. Yet, we also strive to play good songs that bands around here don't or can't do, but people like and want to hear.

 We do an interesting and fun lineup of known Soul, Motown, Classic Rock from the 60s, 70s and rock from the 80s, as well as good, fun music right up to today, with a bit of R&B and Rockin danceable Blues influence as well.  

What does all this mean? It means whether you want to tap your feet, just listen or party and dance the night away, you will really enjoy the music selection, and you will have fun, fun, fun!